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A Day in Moss Hollow by Ms. Mossy

by A Sunday in April in Moss Hollow turned out to be warm and sunny and full of great accomplishments. The herb garden got cleaned out and the chives divided and replanted. The overgrown oregano found a new home where it can stretch out. The soil is ready and waiting for some new plants, but I must be patient and…

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Winter Wreaths, Inc

by They have arrived! A breath of fresh Maine Woods is in the house and barn and dooryard. Really, you cannot imagine the wonderful memories and emotions conjured with just one brief whiff of these beauties. All the worry and stress of shipping costs and moss gathering and bow making and pinecone wiring and box size issues…comes to a halt…

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Soup Greens

by Today is Book Group Day. It is my turn to host. My house is not quite ready for guests, (see Winter Sewing) so I am having it at my cousin’s. Our group is perhaps a bit more about the food than the books we read and being hostess means crafting some sort of fabulous soup to go with all…

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