Shore Greens

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The summer has got by me and I think this is only my second “mess” of shore greens. It may also be the last as it is September already. I always loved these greens best as a child, perhaps it’s the saltiness or perhaps it’s because they always came from my very special Grandfather. He would pick them and cook them with new potatoes and salt pork add butter and vinegar when done and it was a true treat. I now leave out the salt pork but use plenty of butter.

I am so glad I made him take my sister and I out to the bay in his later years to get a lesson in which plant it actually is (we had to have our bags dumped once because of picking the wrong thing) and how to pick it.

My own house is right on the bay as I never wanted a time when I could not gather these delicious greens.

Today It was cloudy and windy. I found a horseshoe crab shed. Ducks and seagulls were playing in the wind. One lone red leaf landed on seaweed. I filled my basket and it started to pour! I ran back to the house just in the nick of time.

This is a shed.

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Soup Greens

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Today is Book Group Day. It is my turn to host. My house is not quite ready for guests, (see Winter Sewing) so I am having it at my cousin’s. Our group is perhaps a bit more about the food than the books we read and being hostess means crafting some sort of fabulous soup to go with all the other pot luck items. We are rarely disappointed so when it is my turn I feel a tiny bit of stress to come up with something a) different and b) edible.

You might remember me talking a little about snow this winter. Well it hasn’t stopped yet. A snow day from school again. While the white stuff was piling up outside and a 40 car pile up was being cleaned up in Bangor (very scary stuff) and my husband took off to sno-blow ours and the neighbors’ yards I pulled out all the things I bought yesterday for my┬ásoups (2) and realized it was another blog post in the making! I searched through all my cook books and the recipes I decided on were Asparagus Vichyssoise and Lettuce Soup. Both from this cookbook



Here are some photos of the process, I think you will see why I felt Okay about posting this on Gathering Greens! When life gives you white, go green any way you can.

The collection from the grocery store




Lettuce simmering


Asparagus Vichyssoise


I also bought some ripe avocados for guacamole


Maybe we will try growing some green with these avocado pits.


The bowl is a little too small


Lettuce Soup, Asparagus Vichyssoise and Guacamole in snow bank.


I was even wearing my favorite green sweater.

Oh I forgot to tell you what we are reading this week.


A Maine story and author, no snow involved. (well maybe a little)