The Little Barn Next Door

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This little barn has been standing in our next door neighbor’s yard for all of my life. As you can see it is falling forward and the windows are broken. What you cannot see is the huge gaping hole through the roof on the back side. It was scheduled for demolition this past summer. While drooling through Pinterest photos of a similar nature, I remembered that we have this beauty just outside my door, so I dragged my props over and snapped these.  (I did get permission) I am so glad our local fire department was a bit slow with the demolition. I am going back in an hour or so to see how the sun changes.DSC_0060

DSC_0046 (1)
I told you we enjoy the red & black plaid!

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Winter Wreaths, Inc

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They have arrived! A breath of fresh Maine Woods is in the house and barn and dooryard. Really, you cannot imagine the wonderful memories and emotions conjured with just one brief whiff of these beauties. All the worry and stress of shipping costs and moss gathering and bow making and pinecone wiring and box size issues…comes to a halt as soon as the first load comes through the door.

Our 22″+ wreath, pinecones, moss red berries and bow.

We did this thing last year, we bought a mail order wreath business. It keeps us very well occupied for a few months. We are learning new things and meeting new and old friends. I grew up in what used to be called “The Christmas Tree Capital of the World” so it feels like I have finally joined the ranks of the hard working woods folk of DownEast Maine. It is great to visit with childhood friends. A lot of red and black plaid gets worn around here

Our 3 candle centerpiece comes with a jar of Blueberry jam.


We offer a smaller version, 1 candle centerpiece also. They are so cute!


005 - Copy
Our little 10″+ wreath is great for windows or fences .


Our swag comes with bow, pinecones and bells! It is perfect for door, mailbox, or lamp post.


I told you we have our share of red and black plaid around here!


Mr. Tilington looking Fab in a 10″ wreath from Winter Wreaths!
The truck decked out in greenery for Winter Wreaths!


Winter Sewing

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Do other people have a fabric addiction? I think they do. I can’t be the only one. I may be one of the few that buy cloth just to look at, however. I really am not much of a sewer but I have a Singer

Newly named, Maude!
Newly named, Maude!


( I think I’ll call her Maude) and sometimes I actually do cut a piece of fabric to make something, hopefully of use.


Yesterday I decided to go to our local discount/salvage store and buy some white cotton to finish off the curtains for the “new” kitchen we are working on.

Kitchen under construction.
Kitchen under construction.

The word “we” may be untruthful, I have not done much  any work on this project it is really all The Husband.

I was seriously ONLY going to buy the white stuff and nothing else when I walked in but you see there was this really awesome row of plaids and one in particular caught my eye. The fact that it was green helped me justify my need for it. I could do a blog post about Gathering Green fabric, cool I really need it! and this other one that works as a nice contrast, and those packages of ric rac and iron on ribbons…

I started the curtains, actually got three sets done (three more to go), but I knew I had to get on with that plaid. Today is snowy, again, and what better way to spend a snowy day in February, the 986th snowy day, than making balsam pillows. I made eight, one is quite a bit smaller than the others due to the fabric width and my inability to do proper math.


Cut, Iron, Sew (leave space to fill), Fill & Sew.   easy

The Purchase
The Purchase


The cutting board.


Yes, me, Yes, pajamas and Yes, my PJ ensemble includes 3 wool sweaters, a scarf and wool socks.


Little Balsam Pillow in fresh snow.
Little Balsam Pillow in fresh snow.


Eight in a row on really pretty tray.



Finished, in sweet basket with holly sprig.


I used the store bought, Paine’s Balsam, Made in Maine this time but soon to figure out how to make my own with all the leftover wreaths and tips from my business, Winter Wreaths.

Did I mention it was snowing here?
Did I mention it was snowing here?