Winter Wreaths, Inc

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They have arrived! A breath of fresh Maine Woods is in the house and barn and dooryard. Really, you cannot imagine the wonderful memories and emotions conjured with just one brief whiff of these beauties. All the worry and stress of shipping costs and moss gathering and bow making and pinecone wiring and box size issues…comes to a halt as soon as the first load comes through the door.


Our 22″+ wreath, pinecones, moss red berries and bow.

We did this thing last year, we bought a mail order wreath business. It keeps us very well occupied for a few months. We are learning new things and meeting new and old friends. I grew up in what used to be called “The Christmas Tree Capital of the World” so it feels like I have finally joined the ranks of the hard working woods folk of DownEast Maine. It is great to visit with childhood friends. A lot of red and black plaid gets worn around here


Our 3 candle centerpiece comes with a jar of Blueberry jam.



We offer a smaller version, 1 candle centerpiece also. They are so cute!


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Our little 10″+ wreath is great for windows or fences .



Our swag comes with bow, pinecones and bells! It is perfect for door, mailbox, or lamp post.



I told you we have our share of red and black plaid around here!



Mr. Tilington looking Fab in a 10″ wreath from Winter Wreaths!


The truck decked out in greenery for Winter Wreaths!


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