Winterwood Market Pop-up Shop

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A long week of heavy snowstorms up here in Maine. I do mean that, we have had more snow in the last two weeks than the last 5 years! (I might exaggerate a little) The man of the house was away in Quebec doing this:

Sculpture by the Maine Team at the Winter Carnival in Quebec, Canada
Sculpture by the Maine Team at the Winter Carnival in Quebec, Canada 2015.

  While we struggled with our own world of white right here.

Front door to the wreath shop and now, Winterwood Market.
Front door to what was formerly (last month) known as the wreath shop, now morphed into , Winterwood Market.

Back in December it seemed like a really good idea to turn this space into a little craft shop in the off season. So I made this poster

winterwood market 3

 and got some people, mainly my sister, excited about a sort of pop-up shop for crafts and vintage… I was ready to call it quits when we kept getting whammed with storm after storm after storm, furnaces broke, cars were stuck, schools were cancelled, it was a real mess. Somehow, the day I had chosen turned out to be nice and sunny so Winterwood (aptly named) Market opened up with fabulous goods from 12 crafters and a Tea by my sister with donations to benefit our little library. It was a fun time actually, probably because we all needed to get out and see some color so badly.

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